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SITKA Gear Stewardship


We are a proud partner of RMEF and to show our support any individual that joins RMEF as a Life Member will receive an exclusive SITKA Gear, RMEF Jacket.

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The future of hunting is more than just the future of our company. It's the future of wildlife, wild places, public lands and precariously balanced ecosystems. We believe in doing everything in our power to protect this future, and we invest heavily in conservation organizations across the country. But investing means more than just sending out checks. It means having the dirt of stewardship under our nails. That may mean working on a specific project, volunteering on a local committee, or simply shaking the hand of anyone who devotes themselves to conserving our outdoor heritage. From the Rocky Mountains to California's Marshes, from the Hawaiian Islands to the Eastern hardwoods, these are some of the organizations we proudly stand behind.