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SITKA Logo Hoody [NEW]

SITKA Logo Hoody [NEW]

One for the quiver. This soft, lightweight hoody with drirelease® wicks away sweat and dries 4x faster than cotton.

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  • Removes Perspiration
  • Dries 4x Faster Than Cotton
  • FreshGuard Prevents Odor
  • Won't shrink or lose shape

  • Wicking drirelease®

    Fabric Details
  • Polyester Knit

The unique blend of synthetic and natural fibers in drirelease yarn actually accelerates the water release rate of our fabrics. In fact, DR fabrics push water and perspiration to the outside of a garment — and into the air faster than other performance fabrics available on the market. The added boost of FreshGuard, embedded in all DR blends, delivers unmatched odor control.